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cinta batu - for the love of stone


November 2019:

I quit teaching stonemason apprentices at the Handwerkskammer Rheinhessen in Mainz and start beeing a trainee teacher in Frankfurt.

April/June 2019:

TV-documentation "Hütte trifft Palast" (only in German) about my lifestyle and my counterpart, a women having a homestage company.
In June I
had a private Sculptors workshop and teached participants.

Autumn 2017:

Building a Tiny House.

Winter 2016:

I'm managing the committee of friendly society Wohnwerk-darmstadt. I also work parttime as a scientific assistant at TU Darmstadt, departement of Philosophy.

Summer 2016:

I created new Wood-sculptures.

Octobre 2015:

Pivate Sculptors workshop at my terrace.

Invitation for the presentation of my art at the purchase session of art advisory at German Bundestag in Berlin.

March-June 2015:

A new educational challenge: My own mobile home including terrace. I implement parts of theories of my studies (Bachelor of Education - Building technology) into pratice.

Since August 2014:

Occasionally I teach as a Master craftswoman at the Handwerkskammer Rheinhessen in Mainz. Young stonemason apprentices come here for occupational Training

December 2013:

Rich of refreshing experience in historic preservation and back from Italy with a certificate and a "Europass", I continue studying, but this time: Master of Education Ethics (optional third subject, teaching at vocational schools). I am very pleased, that I get another German Scholarship from the University of Darmstadt :-)

August 2013:

I am very happy that my masterpiece has found a suitable place in public. Now it stands in Griesheim "Haus Waldeck". With anticipation I will soon start my scholarship in Italy. I will be back in 3 months.

May 2012:

Finally I received my certificate for my master degree in stonecraft!
Furthermore the German Foundation ZDH granted me an international scholarship to participate a professional development at the European Centre for heritage crafts in Thiene - Veneto (for 3 months). The fact sheet can be viewed in German.

November 2012:

I start studying Master of Education - Sports science (teaching at vocational schools), probably until October 2014.
My successful bachelorthesis "Investigation of the sustainability of natural stone" can be viewed on request.

September 2012:

"Summerschool" in Jugendkunstschule HeilbronnSculptors Workshop for primary and secondary school students. Have a look.

July 2012:

My masterpiece is now available as part of the exhibition "Stonemasonry - a craft with many facets" in the foyer of the Handwerkskammer of Rheinhessen in Mainz until 24th August 2012. I'm currently looking for a suitable place for my masterpiece. It should be seen in public.

My schooling piece is now located in Kletterwald Darmstadt.

Please have a look into the new category "education".

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