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You find a description and pictures of my masterpiece, an orchidstele,
and further down you find pictures of my schooling piece, a corbel in art nouveau style.

Description of the masterpiece:

The orchid, an aesthetic queen of flowers. It has a unique shape, with a stem, 5 leaves (2 petals and 3 sepals) and an inner flower. I slightly stylize the  orchid to a orchidstele. To increase the tension and make it vibrant, the  flower with its 5 leaves has a tapered stalk with five bars. One of the bars penetrates the entire stalk. The Orchidstele, devided in aesthetically propotions of the golden ratio, could be a jewel in a (or your) garden.

The sculpture has a dimension of 120cm x 40cm x 40cm. It has a hole at the bottom for the anchor. The masterpiece was made ​​in 86 hours in the Handwerkskammer of Mainz.

February 2012: Masterpiece, specializing in stone sculpture: An orchidstele made out of  Heilbronner sandstone.

February 2012: Masterpiece, rear view.

February 2012: Masterpiece, detailed view.

August 2013: A suitable place in public has been found. It stands in Griesheim "Haus Waldeck".
June 2008: Schooling piece, specializing in stonemasonry works: A corbel in Art Nouveau style. I was honored as winner of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The corbel is now located in Kletterwald Darmstadt.

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