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My work in education includes arts and crafts projects with young and adult students.

November 2019Pivate sculptors workshop at my terrace.
October 2015Pivate Sculptors workshop at my terrace

October 2015: Beginning of a sandstone sculpture of a student at my workshop.

October 2015: Sandstone relief of a student at my workshop.

October 2015: Sandstone relief of a student at my workshop.

October 2013: Open day at the craft training center in Villa Fabris (Thiene, Italy). In addition to the crafts stucco, painting and wood children and adults may try chiseling their initials in stone.

October 2013: Open day at the craft training center in Villa Fabris (Thiene, Italy).

October 2013: Open day at the craft training center in Villa Fabris. Work steps poster.

September 2012: Summer School in Jugendkunstschule. Preparations for the workshop: Splitting natural stones with metal wedges and a hammer.

In "summerschool" young people with special needs and with (or without) migration background have the opportunity to overcome school deficits.

Among other workshops for primary and secondary school students, we make a successful start to the new school year for the students.

The work takes place in small, manageable groups, which are led by artists and pedagogues,  professionals in theater, painting, drawing, arts and crafts design, film, photograph, movement and dance.

We provide a wide range of creative outlet that combines play and learning, experimenting and creating to the best possible way. It is an invitation to dialogue, to challenge thinking and strengthens the imagination for new ideas and solutions.

Creative challenges increase confidence in one's own actions and a sense of identity. In a world of pre-made things students try to encourage and fulfill their self-determined ideas actively.

Creative challenges strengthen confidence. They provide cultural and social skills and make a fundamental contribution to the extent of a holistic education of children and young people and develop individual approaches to art and culture.

July 2012: Within the creative phase, kids deal with colors, materials (lime, sand, clay, gouache colors) and tools (brushes, sponges, rollers, spray, silicone glove bombs, halftone screen, toothbrushes, cotton balls, balls and much more).

July 2012: The kids discuss the topic of the day, based on a sketch which they have to discover and to describe. This sketch shows the theme "Action trampoline slackline painting with helmets."

July 2012: Explanation of tools and dyes.

July 2012: The physical exertion of the theme "I'm swimming or I'm floating in ...".

July 2012: Other themes of the day were "puppets and puppeteers", "Catwalk", "Body bazaar" und "Circlepainting".

July 2012: The game "Strike the puppet!", split into 2 teams, strengthens agility skills.

July 2012: Sponges and brushes of the theme "Action trampoline slackline painting" were attached on helmets. At the end of the day, the children discuss about their work.

May 2007: German newspaper article about the educational project "natural monument Uhlandlinde". I was assistant of my former instructor Ralf Krämer. I also wrote a german seminar paper regarding "discovery learning".

May 2007: Uhlandlinde before.

May 2007: Students doing restoration/renovation work of the historical wall.

May 2007: The monument Uhlandlinde in the final state with new benches.

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