Jilly Latumena - Steinmetzin/Steinbildhauerin in der Denkmalpflege

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My works include sculptures and reliefs, molding, modeling, drawings, gilding, educational projects with students.

July 2018: Wood-sculpture

July 2018: Wood-sculpture "deadly sins"

May 2017: Wood-sculpture

August 2016: Wood-sculpture "Cohaesione", now in sweden.

June 2016: Wood-sculpture.

October 2015Invitation for the presentation of my art at the purchase session of art advisory at German Bundestag in Berlin. The picture only shows models of my art made of artificial stone. The originals will be produced in natural stone.

October 2013: Final presentation of all my work at the european craft and historiacal preservation training center in Villa Fabris (Thiene, Italy): Moulds and Castings, stone- and claysculptures, wood inlays, paintings, projects. 

October 2013: gelantine and gypsum moulds and gypsum castings with shellac surface (Villa Fabris)

October 2013: method to copy a (marble) sculpture 1:1 (Villa Fabris).

October 2013: gelantine and silicone moulds and gypsum castings (Villa Fabris)

October 2013: Illusion- and decor painting (Villa Fabris).

July 2011: My first draft of my orchidstele made of Heilbronner sandstone (location: Ralf Krämer in Heilbronn). The second draft is the masterpiece.

August 2010: Limestone tulip, made by me, designed by Krämer. 

March 2012: Technical University of Darmstadt metal seminar "Treib_gut". My grill / oven "The glowing, scaly egg". (Full documentation on Facebook).

March 2009: Sample fresco. After a successful application at FH Köln for the education "Restoration and preservation of wall paintings and objects of stone", I decided to study  "Bachelor of Education - Building Technology" at the TU Darmstadt instead.

March 2009: Sample mosaic.

March 2009: Sample watercolor drawing "Der Saureiter von Hellbrunn".

March 2009: Sample sgraffito a Florentine lily.

March 2009: Sample baroque sculpture for the table (molding in white cement and coloring/ gilding).

March 2009: Exhibition of Rhineland-Palatinate: relief sculpting for the Mainz cathedral.

January 2009: Stone for a vault (molding and reconstruction in limestone with a 3-point circle method, coloring and gilding). I exercised in the European Training Centre for stonemasons and sculptors.

January 2009: Molding exercise of a part from a gothic cathedral.

November 2007: Training in Mainz, third year of educational training: Part of a cathedral made of limestone in Art Nouveau style.

October 2007: Training in Mainz, third year of educational training: Baroque decorated octagonal column.

March 2007: My second Obelisk, second year of educational training.

January 2007: "seed" made of marble in gothic style, second year of educational training.

October 2006: Copy of a marble grave with angels. The angel was covered with silicone, Apoxydharz and plaster, then I made ​​a molding out of plaster. Second year of educational training

October 2006: Drawing studies. Dokumentation.

September 2006: roses and baskets (double-sided), second year of educational training.

July 2006: Greek stele leaf-relief, first year of educational training.

December 2005: 5-element pentagram made ​​of sandstone, practical training.

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