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Jilly Kassandra Latumena
Mobile: +49 176 76 22 41 58
E-mail: jilly@gmx.net

My educational career:

1988-1991    Preschool Tirtamarta in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1991-2003    Gymnasium Oldenfelde highschool in Hamburg.

2004-2005     „Work & travel“ Australia and New Zealand.

2006-2007    Apprenticeship as a stonemason/sculptress by Master of stonemason/sculpteur Ralf Krämer in                                    Heilbronn botanical Garden (1st + 2nd academic year).

2007-2008    Apprenticeship at Natursteinrestaurierung Herbst (historic preservation of natural stone) in                                      Schopfloch/Dinkelsbühl, franconia (3rd academic year).

2008-2009    Education as a „Stonemason/sculptress in historic preservation“ in Wunsiedel. Working at                                         Natursteinrestaurierung Herbst.

2009-2012    Technical University of Darmstadt, „Bachelor of Education – Building technology“ (teaching at                                 vocational schools).

2012             Master craftswoman's diploma, bachelor thesis, beginning of "Master of Education - sport science".

2013/2014     International scholarship to participate a professional development at the European Centre for heritage                     crafts. Beginning of Master of Education Ethics (optional third subject, teaching at vocational schools).                     Funded by a German Scholarship from the University of Darmstadt.

2014            Teaching as a Master craftswoman at the Handwerkskammer Rheinhessen in Mainz. Young                                    stonemason apprentices come here for occupational Training.

Since my childhood I love to discover different countries and people's morals. I grew up bilingual in Indonesia and in Germany. While travelling I often had the opportunity to experience various cultures of countries like Indonesia, Birma, Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, France and Sicily.

Through various internships, I've found my passion for craft of stonemasonry and sculptures and completed the apprenticeship. During the training by Mr. Kraemer, I have acquired a certain basis of the traditional craft. This foundation is adequate for everyday professional tasks of a stonemason and sculptress, but I also wanted to deal with preservation of monuments. In order to gain more knowledge in restoration and preservation, I moved to another company, where I successfully completed my education and I was honored as winner of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany

I worked as a stonemason/sculpress in historic preservation for a further year. Then I applied at the Cologne University for "Restoration and preservation of wallpainting and objects made of stone", as well at the TU Darmstadt for "Bachelor of Education - Building Technology". I chose to study bachelor of education to teach at vocational schools, because I feel committed to educate students every facets of sustainability. At the same time the interconnection with art, craft and nature is very important for me. I consider myself not only as a future teacher, but also as an artist and craftswoman. I would partly teach at vocational schools, but as well all my fellow human beings to convey a sustainable awareness with their mind, heart and action. 

I am socially engaged with following sustainable groups: Vielbunt e.V.Hochschulgruppe Nachhaltigkeit and Foodsharing Darmstadt



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